Работа в HP Bulgaria

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Работа в HP Bulgaria

Мнениеот saturnka » 22 Авг 2008, 10:43

Hello do You want to work in a big International IT Company?
Do you want to make a fresh start of your carrier?
If you have a good level of English, German, Spanish, Italian or French and basic computer skills in MS Office please send a CV to: saturnka@yahoo.com

1 Job Description
The objective of a Technical Support Analyst is to deliver in-depth End-user support and strive to deliver a high level of resolution upon the first contact with the End-user. TSAs will use all available knowledge tools and resources, call tracking tools and remote control software to achieve the defined service level objectives. They are required to quickly diagnose and triage issues, resolve Incidents and/or dispatch to the appropriate Resolution Group. They are expected to have the technical and interpersonal skills to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.

2 Responsibilities
The TSA is the entry point into the Service Desk via phone, e-mail or call handling systems and is responsible for call-logging, qualification, resolution, ticket tracking and end-to-end ticket management on the full range of services and applications as defined for the customer. The TSA is expected to resolve all issues which can be resolved by the Service Desk and perform a Log and Dispatch role for the remaining service requests. Excellent attendance and punctuality are required.

3 Duties
• Answer phone contacts promptly and professionally and ensuring delivery of Phone SLAs
• Create a Ticket for new calls into the Call Management tool
• Identify and resolve Customers’ request, problem or incident using the relevant knowledge base tools and other technical resources
• Ensure good ticket documentation at all times
• Follow best practice ticket management processes, i.e. ensuring tickets owned are handled and updated daily and every effort is made to make service levels
• Fully document every ticket, including all resolution steps
• Participate in team meetings
• Ensure an 'integrated' Call Centre experience, i.e. the End-user will experience a minimum number of call transfers, will receive regular updates and efficient coordination will take place with other Resolution Groups
• Present a positive, effective and flexible contribution to achieving team targets and objectives
• Comply with/complete desk specific or ad hoc tasks
• Adhere to all Policies & Procedures
• Protect confidential and sensitive information and materials
• Collaborate with other team members to provide high quality support
• Ensure constant self development using day to day work, web based training, and any other available tool
• Attend feedback sessions with Quality Assessment Team
• Be available for work at the scheduled shift start time and be logged on to the TMS and telephone systems
• Correct use of phone codes and a responsible approach to these at all times
• Adhere to the telephone login procedures
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