IT Recruiters

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IT Recruiters

Мнениеот Georgi Todorov » 03 Апр 2014, 12:58

Търсят се IT Recruits, в цялата страна.Комисионната е 40 %.Тоест, ако кандидатът, който намерите- започне с 2 000 лева заплата, на вас се полагат 800 лв.В обявата пише, че се търсят само хора с опит в човешките ресурси, но хора с контакти в IT средите няма да бъдат пренебрегвани, дори да нямат опит в набирането на персонал.

Ето и повече подробности:
In a position of Freelance IT Recruiter you will play a leading role in our team.We can give the opportunity to work part or full time, depending on your personal choice.We have great opportunities for you and the only thing that we want of you is to be energetic and active, then we can deliver you all the chances that a good HR Recruiter dreams about. Our clients are BMW, Telenor Norway, Temporo, First Berlin, Procter and Gamble and other of the most successful companies in the world!Our clients desperately and always need large quantity of experienced and skilled IT specialists.Here comes your role, you must head hunt for skilled IT specialists.For each head that you deliver, you will be PAID VERY WELL.You just need to use your contacts among the IT specialists.That is a great opportunity to use your contacts and to make money by helping some IT guy to get a job in world known company.If you don't have contacts among the IT specialist, you can create them!If you are sociable and friendly person, you can attend IT events and IT meetings and to use your nature talent to connect with others and make them your friends.

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