Fake Rolex Day-Date Watches

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Fake Rolex Day-Date Watches

Мнениеот AAAdam » 17 Авг 2020, 08:16

A fake Rolex watch is not only important on your wrist, it is also a symbol of success. You can put a dressy watch on your wrist if you want someone to think you are a successful person. Here are some of the most collectible Rolex watches.

Day-Date 228238
The gathering is always the most spectacular series of Rolex watches. Not only is it a status symbol, but also a watch preferred by political celebrities.This fake Rolex Day-Date 228238 watch not only uses 18K gold but also uses the iconic presidential bracelet. Of course, it also comes with a comfortable 40mm Oyster case.

At the same time, Day-Date 228238 also comes with a champagne dial. The dial is clear with gold Roman numerals and double calendar windows. Of course, the wrist decoration in this gold watch is not only attractive, but also a symbol of success.

Day-Date 1803
We recommend buying 36MM compared to the Rolex Day-Date of 40MM. Why? Because it is more valuable. Look at the 36MM case. This Day-Date 1803 watch uses a waterproof oyster case and 18K gold. Watches made with this design are of course not only beautiful, but also of high quality. In addition, the Rolex dial can display the date and week at the same time. In short, 1803 is a classic luxury fake watch that everyone will choose.
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