The repliwatch case strap is made of tungsten titanium alloy

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The repliwatch case strap is made of tungsten titanium alloy

Мнениеот windking » 27 Ное 2020, 08:57

The watch case and strap are made of tungsten-titanium alloy, stainless steel, soft fiber, and ordinary steel. In addition to avoiding friction and collision with objects with more than or the same hardness, they must be cleaned regularly to keep them in good condition. Decorative. In addition, sea water, salt water baths, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish remover and other chemical-containing cosmetics will corrode the gold-plated layer and metal surface introduced by replica watches. Avoid contact. Even if Piaget watches have a waterproof function, they are not resistant to all water. For example, 30 meters water resistance can only be resistant to handwashing water, face washing water, rain, car splash water, etc. If you take a shower, swimming, etc., the watch will definitely not be able to bear it. Regardless of the waterproof depth, you should not wear a watch to steam in the sauna. The heat of the steam will accelerate the aging of the waterproof rubber ring and cannot protect the movement normally.
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