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Tърсим Хладилен Инженер

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от Диньо Димитров
Dear Sir/Madam,

GLS Marine Limited is a company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

We are concentrated to provide flexible qualified services for the Oil and Gas, as well as Maritime industries with our commercial and technical staff.

GLS Marine Ltd. is using well tested and experience foreign and local repair groups-qualified engineers, mechanics,fitters, welders, electricians and marine electronic engineers for our range of services.

REMARK: The owners of GLS Marine Ltd :

1. Българин -Father 15 years in Nigeria

2. Българин - Son 7 years in Nigeria

We required for a Marine Refrigerate Engineer with the experience on Central A/C and Cold Room Systems.Our clients are companies with offshore and some of them with tanker vessels using only Freon Gas systems.

The Ref engineer :

# To communicate with Clients/ Staff -English Language ( and technical)

# To have experience on Freon Gas Systems

# To have experience on Refr. El. Systems

# To be leader of team ( Local Engineers)

# To work on board vessel : Port , Shipyard and Offshore (if it is at safe location)

# The Alcohol is restricted.

GLS Marine Ltd Provide:

# Visa

# Fly Tickets

# Rotation - 3 months ON ; 1 month OFF

# Car with Driver for transportation

# Accommodation ( cook & cleaner).

Salary: First 3 months - USD 2,500.00 and increase after confirm satisfactory.

If you need more information don't hesitate to contact us

Best regards